A Note on Computer Consultant

Using a computer repair online service is the fastest and most convenient way to have your Windows XP or Vista computer repaired. With the advent of remote computer support using the internet, online repair services can efficiently and expediently deliver services to you. This saves you time, as well as travel time and expenses for the technician. The following article contains the information and resources to choose your online computer repair service. Get the facts about Computer Consultant

What to Look Out for with Windows XP Online Repair

Windows XP is very suited to using computer repair online services. There are several remote support options for connecting to a Windows XP computer, these include the inbuilt Remote Desktop Connection Protocol (RDP) which you can enable under Control Panel, System, Remote Tab. If you are doing it yourself you can use a free program call VNC (Google VNC) or one of many commercial products including the likes of PCAnywhere and others. You will have to ensure you have a suitable firewall pinhole configuration on your ADSL broadband connection to allow a remote support engineer access to your machine.

Repair Windows Vista Online

The online repair of Vista is also very well suited for remote support. In addition to the above information on Windows XP, you will need to make some changes to the security settings in Vista under Control Panel, User Properties as the remote engineer will not get the same screens shown on your screen due to these enhanced security settings.

Repairing Computer Viruses

One of the most frustrating computer issues you will face is virus infection. This problem can be difficult to troubleshoot and repair, and knowing that viruses are created by computer programmers for fun, adds insult to injury. The best approach to avoid this is to ensure you have reputable antivirus and anti-spyware/malware installed on your computer with up to date definition files. Once you have the virus, although it is possible to repair virus problems online via remote support software, this is usually better handled by an onsite technician or in the computer workshop due to the nature of virus repairs.

PC Tune Up

It is a wise approach to the general maintenance of any computer to have a tune up and check up every 6 to 12 months. Tune ups are well suited for online repair services or DIY online support using any of the free manuals available. This is because it is primarily a software based maintenance program that does the tune up.

So should you use an online computer repair service? Yes, it’s certainly a time and money saving option for you. The use of remote support is becoming the preferred option for consumers of technical computer services that are not of a hardware nature saving time and money. So it’s easy enough to find companies offering reputable computer repair online services.