Keep book formatting services close to you- Brief Notes

Posted on October 22, 2020October 22, 2020Categories Book

A book needs to be published. That is idea that constantly runs in an author’s mind. However, it is not just about being published. It is more on the idea that the book should be published by the best publisher there ever is. It is the author’s responsibility to hire or get the best book publishing service to ensure the success of the book. That is how the book will be introduced to the people. That is how the book will sell and be known not only to the author but to the author’s target market or maybe even those outside the target market. That is starting point of the author’s name on becoming a legacy. Checkout

On a traditional scenario, an author would send out “feelers” about his book to publishing houses. The author can use the internet, people connections or may directly send it to the publishing house of his choice. Once a publishing house was chosen, it will then take over everything about the book, including the editorial control. The author would loss or will have little control on the decision-making on the book such as the marketing strategy, and distribution. The author however can be very happy about the idea that the bag of responsibility like planning, deadlines and pulling of resources will be out of his/her shoulder. All that the author needs to do is follow what the publisher would advise especially on the promotional aspect of the book. Also when traditional publishers take over a book, the author’s royalty return would be less and rights over the book would be removed.

In the traditional scenario, the author would be having lots of problem on the editorial control. For an author the best publisher would be an entity that would give him/her a say on how the book would be edited and would give him/her a part in the editing process. So how will an author get the best publishing service? The answer would be to be a self-published author. All the rights to the book, from editing, format and all the physical attributes of the book will be decided by the author. Royalty return would be a lot bigger while retaining the copy right of the book. Self-publishing won’t be an easy job for the author since s/he will have to take care of everything that a publishing service would have taken care of. However theses 3 factors, editorial capacity, royalty and copyright of the book will overturn all the negative aspects of being a self-published author.

The author has the best book publishing service there ever will be for the book written. The author knows the target market thus making it possible to create the best marketing strategies, distribution and other promotional ads. The author is the owner of the book; the words written are the author’s thoughts. Thus all the rights to the book should be given to the author including the part of the decision-making and more importantly in terms of the editorial capacity.