Eddie van Aken -Outdoor Grilling in the Wintertime

Posted on July 3, 2020July 7, 2020Categories coocking

I truly enjoy grilling outside and unlike other people I don’t even miss grilling the winter at all. As a matter of fact I grill out at every season of the year and in all climates and temperatures. Of example, during the winter months it might be a little more difficult grilling and maybe perhaps a little tougher, but it’s not exactly something that can’t be tackled. more info Eddie van Aken

I would think the one question I’m asked more often than any other is, do you choose gas grills or charcoal grills while grilling out in the winter? My response to that query is that I used both to one degree or another and that both will fit well, depending on what you eat.
But, I’m going to admit this, I like to use gas grills in the colder months , particularly if I grill larger meat cuts like a roast. The explanation for that is that these grills get up to cooking temperature even quicker than charcoal and hold their cooking temperatures higher. Charcoal is well with smaller cuts of meat such as steak and hamburger, but in my experience gas is the most easy to use for the bigger cuts. Roasts take a while to cook, so gas keeps perfect temperatures, and you don’t need to replenish the coals.
I’ll just say the more the grill you purchase, the more it’ll do in the wintertime. In this scenario, the old adage which says you get what you pay for holds true.
One crucial point to note is, when you use gas or charcoal, try to combat the cooler weather. Of starters, if you have a barbecue grill, you can need additional coals to keep up with your cooking temperatures to maintain certain hours. How much extra coals you would need that day will rely on the wind and air temperature. Understanding this comes with too much culinary practice, and knowing when you go. Do note that each grill is a little different in efficiency so I’d recommend you learn yours and how it operates under certain conditions.
Really if you’re using a deep winter barbecue grill while the temperatures are at their lowest, I ‘d consider using lump coal if you could locate it. Which will roast you even hotter and make the meal harder to eat.
This could only be a case of keeping the burners on a marginally higher level than during the hot months to prepare for the cooler temperatures by utilizing gas grills in the winter. Per grill is special again, so take the time to know yours and how it operates under all-weather conditions.