The Symbolism and Meaning of the Seated Buddha Statue

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The Indian prince who became the Buddha after seeking salvation meditating under the Bodhi tree, Siddhartha Gautama was not portrayed by portraits or sculptures for several hundred years after his death with regard to his teachings. (He explicitly requested not to create depictions of him as his message was conveyed as a man, not a deity that was the most significant part of his teachings). Find additional information at

Sometimes he was symbolized by a circle reflecting the ‘Dhamma’ or the circle of life that proceeds to spin or his foot symbolizes his journeys where he transmitted the word of non-attachment and enlightenment.

Eventually though he was a focus for artists and craftsmen to seek to reflect his identity as his word spread and his power circulated across the ancient Eastern world. The most famous image to be seen today is that of a sitting Buddha where he is peacefully meditating in a lotus pose. Of course most of us have seen many Buddha picture renditions that show him in a number of other ways, for example: the standing stance, the reclining stance, or even even a walking pose that sometimes holds a bowl with an alm.

Therefore, the significance of the sitting meditating image of the Buddha is that there are various descriptions, movements, mudras and positions that the Buddha can have and that amount can exceed several hundreds or even thousands. Each gesture means something different, and is crafted or sculpted according to long-standing traditions that vary from country to country.

Any of these variants may be: earth touching mudra, yoga pose, golden robes, “urna”—or a hair topknot (popular in Thailand and SE Asia), carrying an alms cup, sitting on the bed, etc.

In my experience the sitting Buddha signifies probably the most peaceful and quiet positions of all Buddha positions. In doing so, I personally think he looks so relaxed, calm but erect in his seated posture. If we find ourselves sitting in a similar position after meditation and feel our spine straight and upright while our shoulders, hands, arms, torso, face are relaxed then we mimic the common seated posture of the Buddha. It was my understanding that I first needed to lean against a settee or wall before the sitting / meditative pose was good enough for my body structure. Then the next phase was to find out how to keep my mind still which is of course the most difficult task of all and one where it can certainly help to look at the serene image of a large seated Buddha in meditation.

Gifts for dog dads – Some Insights

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If you go to visit friends who are lovers of animals, it will be the greatest present you might bring with you that commemorates your devotion.

We all grow up listening to the stories about animals. A lot of animated films revolving around animal characters is being served at the present generation. No wonder, there’s an growing passion for animals. Go to visit a toy shop and all around are animal characters. Over maturity, this animal fondness grows and becomes a part of everyday life. What would be the best present you would get for animal lovers like this? Anything undoubtedly moving around the animal kingdom. gifts for dog dads is one of the authority sites on this topic.

Gift manufacturers are well aware of the love that humans carry for animals, and such products are flooding the market. Be prepared to be showered with them in different categories while going shopping for animal-related gifts. You might come across categories that are based on animal habitat or the animal families. Whatever the name, there are uncountable pet presents.

Furnishing items: If your friends love animals, they ‘re sure to love getting items related to animals around their home. You’ve got a range of products like doormats, clocks, note holders, blankets and coasters holding animal pictures in cute shapes. Why limit stuff to just indoor objects. A weather-vane can also serve as an excellent gift to give the direction of the wind to an animal perched on the roof.

Apparels: We all love telling the world about our likes and dislikes, and apparels convey the message to a large crowd. A t-shirt or cap displays one’s inner self boldly to the world. Support your friends declare their love of animals and give them clothes featuring their favourites. Small children would love to sock animal character.

Trinkets: Girls’ choices are limitless and there are no limits to the ideas that people get to design trinkets. The number of animals on small jewellery pieces is incredible. Birds, birds, wild animals, bugs, dogs, cats are present and the list goes on. In reality, even those who aren’t big animal lovers succeed in fulfilling those gifts. With a little effort, you’ll be able to add earrings, necklaces, and bracelets to give the lovely ladies a full gift. Try gifting brooches or hair clips for those who don’t wear much jewelry.

License Plates: The affection for a species remains still the same and can be flaunted in any location. It could be something as insignificant as a license plate. Might seem trivial to others but this even becomes an important item for someone in love with the four-legged creatures. Give these friends an animal license plate photo, and see them beaming with happiness.

Assorted Presents: There are no limitations to the variety of gifts. If you want to make a gift, you are sure to find something or something else. Maybe it’s a very small item but it might make a difference. Experiment with items like a picture frame with animals around it, a key chain, an address card, a mouse pad, cookie jars, decorative magnets, and the list continues. It all depends on the tastes and individual choices.

Ways To Design Pug Tee Shirts

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The younger generations nowadays like to wear t-shirts with their own designs on it. Thanks to the resources accessible on the web design. We know that most printers and printing firms also provide free software for personalized t-shirt creation and design. It is the newest craze of the last couple of years in the younger generation. The main benefit of the process is that some youngsters take it as a profession to become a successful t-shirt designer. By clicking we get more information about the pug tee shirts

Although there are plenty of apps and resources available to make custom designs, it is necessary to know the method of making them. Anybody can use the free online software without learning the fundamentals of programming. Most of the citizens using the free models available for making the designs. Knowing the greatest methods to design your own t-shirt is important though. Let’s look at three perfect ways to make your own T-shirt.

  • The first simplest way to create a custom design is to visit the websites offering the services. Most sites will have tools to help you easily create designs by uploading your image or designs. After creating the design, you can get the blueprint too.
  • The second stage is to change the file or document you upload. There are plenty of editing resources accessible on the pages. Choose the tools and apply a logo to the text with the perfect font and colour.
  • Once the design is finished, order the quantity of t-shirts. You can get the best deal for bigger quantities with discount. And this is the perfect means of making and developing your personalized t-shirt.

These are the simplest methods to follow for creating a great custom T-shirt design. Follow these simple methods, and feel proud to wear your own design t-shirts.

Family birthday shirt Uncovered

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T shirt printing services are some type of custom printing which is usually done for different reasons. For promotional purposes, some individuals favor these t-shirts. This type of t-shirt helps the product or business to create, unique, and specific identity. I strongly suggest you to visit family birthday shirt to learn more about this.

It serves as the best way to create much more awareness of the business enterprise before the prospective audience using the t-shirts with a name imprinted on it of your business or service.

Due to digital technology online, it becomes easy to print designs at a reasonable price rate according to your need and necessity. There are plenty of cheap shirt printing stores available online. These prints are also recognized for keeping the style statement. The teens make cool t-shirt design to look unique and different from the rest. The idea of those t-shirts falls within the category of custom tee shirts.

T-shirt printing is a common activity among the young generation. The cornerstone of t-tee shirt printing is goodwill, loyalty and honesty that help sustain a strong and harmonious customer relationship. Determination and dedication are always present in printing manufacturing to make it more attractive and appealing. Customer satisfaction is the manufacturer’s top priority of these printings without diminishing the quality conditions of the materials found in the printing of Northridge, CA custom shirts.

Cheap shirt printing comes in wide variety to meet the needs and requirements of many people like businesspeople, young age, kids and women as well. One of the unique brand exquisites for both formal and casual occasions is the idea of this print. Lots of style icons mark these shoes in the trendy shoes category. Additionally, it enhances an individual’s personality.

People go for those things because you can design these tee shirts according to their personal tastes and flavour. The Northridge, CA custom shirts look attractive because of features such as comfort, snob charm, sophisticated look and affordable price. The customized t-shirts are designed in accordance with the basic principle such as air technology which helps to provide an person with comfort, padding and buoyancy.

Online thanks to digital technologies, it becomes easy to print designs at a fair price rate regarding your need and need. The teens make it cool design that looks unique and different from others. The concept for this printing falls under the custom printing t-shirts category.

How To Introduce Sex Toys In The Bedroom

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Now that Grey’s Fifty Shades is so famous all media are thinking about sex and sex toys. Are you curious but too embarrassed to try them out? Are you uncertain if you and your partner are good for them?

A few popular myths regarding adult toys are as follows:

Some men aren’t using adult games

Incorrect. Many reputable people using adult toy, most of them believing that they are completely appropriate. Using an adult product doesn’t make the friendship “special” or doesn’t mean something bad. It only makes you have more comfortable in your bedroom! You don’t have to communicate with your parents, manager or mom that you’re using toys because anyone asks you to.

Sex toys are merely to masturbate.

While adult toys are commonly used for masturbation, many couples, whether female or male or heterosexual or homosexual, enjoy using toys together. Such couples are typically relaxed doing different experiences together, are open-minded, and are optimistic.

If you start using a sex toy your partner will feel inadequate.

Are you nervous that this will hurt your partner’s feelings if you bring an adult toy into the bedroom? You may get an orgasm from an adult pet, but it can’t tell you how much they appreciate you or rubb your ass. An entity isn’t a substitution for a human individual. When your lover has the terror, be gentle and massage a little of his or her ego. Like for other things about partnerships, effective communication is important.

It can be physically dangerous to use sex toys.

Go Yes!

Adult toys can actually have very positive repercussions on your sexual health.

For example, many doctors and therapists recommend adult toys for women who have trouble reaching orgasm; if you suffer from painful sex, vibrators can stimulate blood flow; all women can benefit from kegel exercisers or kegel balls to tone the pelvic floor muscles; prostate massage reduces the risk of prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction and frequent night urination. First of all, orgasms make you last longer, remove discomfort and appear younger, others claim.

When you using so many sex stuff on your girlfriend you won’t get an orgasm.

If your partner is afraid that you are going to substitute him or her with your favorite pet, assure him or her that you will still hold it special in the bedroom: consider various poses, new gadgets, gentle bondage and imagination play.

If the friendship is safe, otherwise there is no need to use a sex toy.

You are so fortunate to be in a healthy relationship. But who wouldn’t want the sharing of a new experience to make their relationship even stronger and closer? If your lover insists that you do not want to spice up your sex life with an adult toy, assure him or her that you do not need an adult toy either, you ‘d just like to try one.

You or your partner are afraid to feel happy

Pleasure is more of a birthright. Everybody deserves it, because they do. Claim your attraction, and do what you need to do. Orgasms do keep you healthier and happier after all.

Buying sex toys can be really embarrassing especially as they look gross and frightening

You are right. Now, due to the Internet, you can shop without prejudice, in the safety of your own house. Most of the adult toys make you feel uncomfortable because they are usually phallic or cheesey or so loud that you think your kids or neighbors may hear what you’re up to. Luxurious sex dolls are the reverse. You may not even know that they are adult toys of good quality since they look like jewelry. They are all so quiet and invisible that nobody understands what you’re up to.

Mattress Buying Guide

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Determine that you need a new Matress. One problem we’re always faced with is, “How do I decide if I need a new mattress?” It’s not really an straightforward answer. When you need a new vehicle, you can say, because your old one starts falling down more frequently. You can say if your old one doesn’t turn on you need a new Lcd. These obvious, clear indicators of having a substitute are less apparent on your Mattress though. The mattress may still look as fine as the day you purchased it, but it doesn’t have the looks that matter. Matresses are built to relieve the strain on your back, arms, neck and thighs when you’re sleeping. If it no longer offers enough protection for either of these vital places of the body, the mattress will be replaced. To decide whether the mattress needs a repair ask yourself these questions: 1.Is the mattress older than 7 years?

2.Wake up with back pain, spine, shoulder pain or hip pain?

3.Spend longer than 10-15 minutes of tossing and turning until you get to sleep?

  1. Would you ever feel the “empty” legs or limbs waking up?

5.Is your mattress sagging, lumpy, starting to disintegrate or exhibiting clear signs of wear?

6.Did you find recently that other beds (in a mattress store, a motel, a friend / family member’s house) are more comfortable than yours?

Because a mattress ‘existence depends on it’s content and how well it was made, if you replied “yes” to Question 1, then you’re likely to start searching for a replacement. We will remember that a warranty issued by a retailer will not automatically ensure that the mattress would continue to have sufficient protection for the warranty period. A insurance generally clearly implies that a maker of mattresses promises against price defects. Nonetheless, contracts range from one supplier to another, so make sure to check up on what the existing mattress maker committed on when you buy a new mattress. If you responded “no” to Question 1, but “yes” to any of the other questions that were posed, then your bed may be fresh enough not to get worn out, but it sounds like it doesn’t offer you enough of the right kind of comfort. These might also be specific circumstances that require the purchasing of a fresh mattress, such as when rains or damp temperatures bring dangerous mildew or mold on your pillow.

When you have decided that you will benefit from a new mattress, the next move is to make some main choices that will help you decide the mattress on which you would go shopping.