Preparing for Telephone Systems Installation

Posted on July 7, 2020July 9, 2020Categories Telephone System

If you have a new small business telephone system picked, then the next logical step is to start talking about installing telephone systems. Here is our original site.

Some people may think this is a case of simply plugging into a box and running cables onto a few handsets that are placed on desks or around their premises.

In one sense it could be so easy technically! If you’ve selected a modern system from someone like Siemens Business Telephone Systems, it’s designed to work fast and efficiently. It will also usually be what is often called ‘modular’ meaning it can be extended easily.

Installing telephone systems, however, is not quite that straightforward-which is why it is critically necessary to choose a manufacturer who can provide planning and configuration expertise.

The fitness bits

There are several rules today regulating where equipment can be used in an office and where cables can be placed etc. In case of an accident, falling foul of these regulations will cause you some trouble and the actual installation can be a job best left to experts.

The technologies

Installing telephone systems is not just about moving boxes around and running cables under floors etc. Once you have installed your system must be configured. That has various goals including:

Ensuring that the system connects to all services ‘outside the world’ as required;

That the services you need internally (voice mail, menu systems etc) are all set up and running as they should be;

That the internal controls are in place and enforced (e.g.-you will want to be able to make international calls but not others);

That all of your logging and tracking is in place and running-so you can see who does what and when on your system;

Ensure the internal network administrator is qualified and briefed on how to provide frontline maintenance and network support once it is in operation.

If the network interfaces with some other systems or technologies, then it would be important to make and check those connections.


You should of course do some or maybe all of this yourself. If you’re a small company, you could want to miss any of this because you’re in a rush or maybe you’re trying to cut costs. Nonetheless, despite the criticality of your company telephone network and the way you operate, the wisdom of doing so can be questionable.