Choosing the Right Mattress-BoxDrop Alexandria MN

Next, make sure that 100 percent natural latex is the latex that includes the bed you are considering. Different kinds of latex, including natural and synthetic latex and a mixture of both are accessible.¬† Visit us on BoxDrop Alexandria MN-Sapphire Sleep. Synthetic latex includes materials that are synthetic and chemicals that are not natural in any way. Be sure it is 100 percent natural latex, whether you are thinking Talalay or Dunlop latex. While there are a few other ingredients in natural latex (zinc oxide, fatty acid soaps and sulfur) rest assured, they are natural ingredients. Be careful not to fall for the ploy of “Dunlop/Talalay latex is the best and we only carry the best”. Many suppliers only carry one form of latex and will inform you that it is the best latex they carry. However, both Talalay latex and Dunlop latex are equally good products, and you will be offered the option by a reputable company. One rule of thumb to note about the distinction between the two latex forms is that Talalay latex is usually softer than Dunlop latex of the same category of firmness. Soft Talalay latex would for instance, be smoother than soft Dunlop latex. By telling you that there is no such thing as natural Talalay latex, some manufacturers would try to mislead you. And that was valid up until a few years ago. Latex International also makes a 100 percent pure product of Talalay latex, however. The amount of latex that really makes up the bed is another factor for the latex in your bed. Yes, a manufacturer might claim that the latex in the bed is 100% natural, but that doesn’t mean that the whole bed is made up of 100% natural latex, only that the latex in the bed is 100% natural. If you buy a 12-inch mattress and the mattress contains 6-inch latex, the other 6 must be made up of something else.