Primary Explained About Equestrian Supplies

With the fast approaching equine competition season, several riders will prepare their timetable for the spring and summer shows. While now is the ideal time to put in some extra training hours, it is also the perfect opportunity for both horse and rider to ensure that the pair have enough of the required horse supplies to get them through the year. Feel free to visit their website at Equestrian Supplies for more details.

Excluding the competition months, equestrian products are always cheaper, and some decent offers can be had during winter or end of season sales. Before the next series of events, below is a list of things that are completely vital and may well need to be replaced. It can be helpful to go through such a checklist, determining if what is already owned is appropriate or it is necessary to buy more equestrian supplies.

A first-aid kit for horses and humans – It helps to be prepared for any unexpected conditions.
Buckets of water and feed, water carriers and scrapers for sweat.
Saddlery spare-reins, stirrup leathers, etc. Getting a few extra horse-sized shoes can also be a saver for competition…
Body wash, curry comb, water brush, stable rubber, sponge, towel, Vaseline (or horse show particular make-up), hoof oil and brush) grooming kit.
Headcollar for Spare.
Lead Rope Extra.
Kit for plaiting, like scissors, tape, cotton, hairspray and needles.
Sheet/cooler for season.
Soap and sponge for the saddle.

It’s necessary to get back into a pre-competition routine once the first event of the year arrives. Make sure that all the relevant equestrian supplies and rider equipment is ready well in advance-it is not always possible to run home to pick it up if anything is missed. It is a smart idea to double up with the most needed equestrian supplies and leave them in the horse truck or float forever. Vital goods such as grooming kits and plaiting aids are still there in this way.