Quick Recap About Newell Strength

What are you particularly good at?

We do something so well often that we take it for granted and do not accept it as our power. We always think, “how could this be a strength if it is so easy for me to do But, our abilities make it easy for us to do things. So, pay attention to things that sound straightforward and ask others how they feel about doing them. See how simple – or effortful – these things are for them. You can achieve a greater understanding of your abilities by doing this. Have a look at Newell Strength to get more info on this.

After doing what do you feel great?

Doing what we enjoy and know we are doing well makes us feel Amazing. A sure sign you’re using your strengths is that after doing something, you feel energised. When you understand where and when you feel this energised feeling, you can find that you have the ability to feel it more frequently. To do this, stick to how you feel after doing something that you enjoy. Notice what little adjustments you might make to other things that you do that might help you maintain that positive feeling.

What is it that you do differently?

If you zig as others zag, you may be looking at one of your strengths. Our talents also have us doing things differently from the masses. So, if you find yourself playing Bach to the three-chord wonder of other people, then take a moment to find out why. Since others may often frown upon marching to your own rhythm, make sure to allow yourself enough latitude to see the merit of what you’re putting forward.

Who are you admiring?

One of the best things to do if you get completely stumped about your strengths is to think about individuals you respect and why you admire them. This workout takes us out of our own way. We don’t have to think about our own qualities, we only have to think of who we admire and why we admire them. Take this experience and see how you can identify such characteristics in yourself. They are likely to be qualities you possess, even though they have not been nurtured.