Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance Helps Keep Your Home Safe

Posted on November 11, 2020November 13, 2020Categories Heating And Air ConditioningTags

Heating and air conditioning can definitely be a priority factor when evaluating repairs and maintenance for your home in Atlanta. And as with any other safety-based maintenance issue, it is just as necessary to have those related to your heating and air conditioning. There are a few health and safety concerns related to air conditioning, but where issues of protection are involved, it’s always heating repair that always brings to mind.Do you want to learn more? Visit www.jcsheatingandair.com/hvac-maintenance-tips-for-pet-owners/

When debating heating or air conditioning, you should be mindful that all devices have many aspects in common. Typically, the engines operating the compressors and air handling fans are very powerful, although with continued usage and disruption from incidents such as lightning strikes, they may become prone to electrical shorting. This may arise in either of two ways; the insulation within the motor on the winding can deteriorate and allow the windings to shorten with each other or the windings will shorten to the motor’s own casing.

The engine would most definitely overheat in the first instance. On the engine, there is often a manual reset button, so if it is reset and the engine still overheats, it can indicate that there is an inner short. The condition that the engine winding shorts are very risky to the motor case and it will trigger the machinery to become electrified. There are surveillance mechanisms installed into your heating and air conditioning in both situations, and you should not try to disable them by any way. The possible outcome is that the device either won’t switch on or the electrical breaker can trigger the equipment to trip off. Under this event, it should be easy for a trained heating and air conditioning technician to quickly locate the problem and conduct a safe fix.

Heaters fueled by natural gas and propane have their own range of safety issues. To make it smell, the gas itself has a chemical attached to it. If you ever detect the distinctive pungent scent of petrol, your heating equipment might have a leak in the gas piping, or it might not ignite properly because of a failure. If you detect the potent scent of petrol, you can vacate the premises naturally and promptly contact the gas firm. However it may suggest an issue needing heating repair if you ever sense even a slight scent.

Another hazard, which comes from carbon monoxide (CO) gas, is not visible at all. CO forms through the incomplete combustion of gas and by malfunctioning devices may be vented into your house. To make sure you don’t have a malfunction until switch on your heater for the first time, you can have a checkup of your gas heating device every year from a trained repair technician. And you can also have CO detectors mounted to shield you against this unseen hazard if your home uses gas-fuelled heat.