What Is Home Care?

Home Care is a growing trend among senior citizens. Home care is medical or specialized care given by a trained professional caregiver at the person’s home, rather than care given in group facilities such as nursing homes or clinics. Home care is also sometimes called domiciliary care, community care or independent living care. The services provided may be limited and may depend on the type of care provider, the environment, the age and needs of the person receiving care, the financial status and insurance of the person and the capability of the family or caregiver to provide the needed services.
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There are many factors considered in determining the cost of home care for an individual client. These factors include duration of care, the complexity of illness or condition, level of care required and the number of individuals who will be cared for during the day by the home caregiver and at night by the client’s family or friends. The cost per week of home care also includes a calculation of the service hours necessary to adequately care for one person. These service hours may include grooming and laundry assistance, physical therapy and medication reminders. It may also include professional health instruction, speech therapy, and medication compliance training. Some health insurance plans cover some of the cost of home care if the individual’s condition warrants it.
Medicare and Medicaid programs will pay a portion of the cost of home care for adults. However, Medicare is not comprehensive when it comes to home care. Most private insurance plans do not cover this type of assistance because it is considered a medical service which is not covered under the private insurance company’s network. There are, however, many non-profit organizations that provide this type of assistance either for free or with a minimal monthly fee.